2021 Trends in Egypt Built-in Appliances Market

The hospitality sector is expected to witness increased market penetration by the midmarket hotel segment through 2022. In addition, the industry is expected to also see increased adoption of Airbnb-type renting models.

•The tourism industry has seen a rise in millennial travelers in the last few years and this is expected to continue. The millennial travelers opt for experience, authenticity and value for money proposition; hence, are more likely to stay at budget hotels as opposed to high-end luxury hotels.

•Egypt is seeing the emergence of home-grown brands. Regional players such as Emaar Hospitality, Rotana, CityMax Hotels, and Habtoor Hotels are building room inventories and increasing their construction pipelines at a substantial rate.

•Mobile applications, smart technology, and ICT have caused a disruption in the hospitality market. With every piece of information such as hotel amenities to hotel reviews being available at the fingertip of the consumer, each competitor is trying to differentiate itself in the market to grab the customer’s mindshare and the market share.

Competitive Factors

•Home automation solutions are provided in from low, medium to high range of sophistication in the kind of technology and price range. With the variety of equipment vendors available in the market, new players will be a threat for market leaders. Differentiation of the services remains the most important factor in ousting your competition.

•Lower pricing of integrator allows them to be chosen over sophisticated smart home players.

•Large number of individual product providers impose an advantage to the customers as they have a variety of options to choose from.

•A large number of OEMs existing globally where the products can be sourced from and Egypt being a very lucrative and emerging market for any supplier to sell in the region, the bargaining power of the supplier is reduced.

•Smart Home solution provides a tough competition with a large number of companies providing the same content and also the pricing for these market players is similar so, therefore there is limited services in terms of offerings.

Design Trends: Built-in & Integrated Appliances

•Built-in appliances (sometimes called slide-ins) are typically flush to the cabinets and countertops in your kitchen. Most models are available in a variety of finishes and have the option to add a panel or overlay to match your cabinets. Built-in appliances are designed to add a sleeker and more cohesive look to your appliances without completely hiding them. On built-in models, you can typically still see any venting, handles, hinges, or in most cases some form of metal trim.

•Refrigerators, dishwashers, and even microwaves are often available in built-in sizes or can be installed to provide a built-in look. These models are typically more expensive than traditional free-standing models, but provide you with additional customization options and can be a good option if you have limited clearance or space in your kitchen. It’s also important to note that when it comes to Built-in appliances (as well as Integrated appliances), you sometimes sacrifice space inside the appliance in order for it to be flush with your cabinets/counters.

•Unlike Built-in appliances, fully Integrated appliances are designed to disappear. The ultimate in kitchen customization, all components are seamlessly hidden within the cabinetry. Some of the most common appliances to receive this treatment are refrigerators and dishwashers. These appliances must be professionally installed and custom panels, hinges, and/or hardware are added to complete the transformation.

  • When considering fully integrated appliances, it’s important that you also find a cabinet installer/designer who is familiar with them and to carefully plan your layout. As expected, this level of flexibility and customization often comes with a hefty price tag when compared to traditional appliances. It’s also important to note that integrated appliances offer primarily aesthetic benefits.

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