Built-in Warming Drawer Market in Egypt 2021

Due to busy lifestyles, Egyptians demand the convenience they enjoy from automatic washing machines as they are time efficient and there is no need for separate drawers or traditional methods of washing clothes by hands. Demand for top-loading washing machines continued to increase as it is cost-efficient in terms of its detergents, negating the need for a special type of detergent to operate properly.

Home laundry appliances are predicted to record low retail volume growth over the forecast period where it is expected that consumers will continue to demand appliances, due to the number of new families and an increase in the number of family members.

Egypt Built-in Warming Drawers — Market Size (USD Million), 2017–2025
Source: Goldstein Market Intelligence

Moreover, due to women’s busy lifestyles and the increasing demand on their time, the growth rate will continue to rise due to the lack of time to use traditional methods of hand washing clothes.

The warming drawers industry is at its peak due to changes in weather and the construction industry.

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