Egypt Built-in Washing Machine Market Analysis 2021

The share of production and the research is positive. An increase in disposable income in the hands of people and changing lifestyles are the main factors influencing the behavior of people in Jordan. The average unit price of home laundry appliances continued to increase in current value terms in 2018 due to product enhancements and innovations. However, key players and suppliers of home laundry appliances continued to compete by offering price promotions as well as promotional campaigns preventing the average unit price from growing dramatically in 2018.

The Egypt kitchen appliances market is characterized by both international and local players who are engaged in stiff competition across mass and premium segment, a large number of tourists visitors involved in shopping because of tax rebates and discounts a distribution highly dependent on hyper markets with the tie-ups with manufacturers of branded as well as private players and a large range of products available due to income disparities available in the economy.

Egypt built-in Washing Machine Market — Market Size
Source: Goldstein Market Intelligence

Smart Kitchen Offering Premium Care

Premium Kitchen Appliances becoming a Mark of Luxury

•Consumer appliances majors are eying European kitchens for the next phase of growth. Consistent high growth over the past few years is prompting companies to focus on premium kitchen appliances. Typically modular kitchens have four to five built-in appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, hob and hood, warming drawer, and microwave.

•The recent spurt in growth in the segment is attributed to changing lifestyles from joint families residing in houses to nuclear families in premium apartments. Better availability of such products and consumers moving up the socio-economic strata are the other factors driving growth in the segment.

•Global home appliances leader Samsung has opened exclusive franchise stores for premium appliances in major countries.

•As kitchens are increasingly becoming a part of the drawing room now, demand for well-furnished kitchens is also growing. This adds to the sale of premium items.

•According to industry estimates, the segment is expected to grow at 15–20 percent per annum for the next few years. The growing upscale urban customer has traveled the world and seeks the same level of premium products that are available in global markets. A surge in demand prompted the company to launch Cuisine Regale, which offers premium kitchen furnishing costing more than USD 11,155. The increasing popularity of ready-to-move furnished apartments is supporting the industry too. Architects and premium home builders are the ones who influence buyers for these products. So it is always helpful to work with them.

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